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Text or call Shelley to request
an appointment at 702-525-9908

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Appointment and Scheduling Policies
A friendly reminder that all packages are non-refundable. Expiration and duration of each package is determined by the type of package or special purchased.

We all lead very busy lives and we know that schedules change quickly. If you are registered for an appointment and you are not able to make it, it's OK!  All you have to do is cancel 24 hours before your appointment and you’re all set!
This opens up your spot for other Pilates clients who may be on the waiting list for an appointment. We thank you and your fellow Pilates participants thank you for being mindful of each other. Thank you for understanding!
Studio Policies
For safety and hygiene, all students are required to wear grip socks while in the studio. Thank you for your consideration!

Upon entering the studio, please remember to silence your cell phones out of respect for your appointment time.