What are they saying about Shelley and Sage Pilates?

Absolutely love Sage Pilates! When I moved to the Vegas area a handful of months ago I was looking for a Pilates studio. Of all the choices I chose Sage Pilates and I have never been disappointed. Shelley is great with everyone and helps to modify based on your unique needs. I would highly recommend Sage Pilates to anyone looking to get into Pilates.
Joan H.


Shelley is such a great instructor with years of experience. I also love my fellow Pilates girls!!
Pam W.

I have been a client of Shelley's for 3 years and am so lucky to have found her! Having a fracture in my lower back and needing to strengthen my core, I turned to Pilates and started working with Shelley, the owner and instructor of Sage Pilates and Wellness. Being a highly trained physical therapist, she ensured that all the exercises I was doing were safe for me and benefited my back. Her studio is an outstanding place to take private lessons. Shelley instructs with enthusiasm, making sure you are exercising properly. I highly recommend Sage Pilates and Wellness for anyone looking to exercise and have a great time in a beautiful studio space with a spa-like atmosphere.
Angelica P.

Very nice studio; not cramped between reformers. Variety of equipment to expand fitness activities including TRX. Quality instruction with attention to detail. Clean, nicely appointed and respectful atmosphere with easy parking.
Susan Z.

Total newbie at Pilates and I absolutely LOVE it! The studio space is fantastic and Shelley is beyond professional, encouraging, and awesome! I love my private sessions! Great atmosphere!
Nadine W.​

Shelley is amazing. She is a physical therapist, so she is not only a great Pilates instructor, but she understands your body and how to best help you! The only negative I have is that there is only one of her!! I love my workouts at Sage!
Sandy S.

If you are looking for the complete package of state of the art Pilates equipment, private personal training sessions, and physical therapy, then Sage Pilates & Wellness is where you should go! The owner Shelley Austen is amazing! I came to Shelley upon referral and am so happy that I did. Due to a back injury I've been suffering for years with a lot of pain, through Shelley's careful one-on-one personal training with physical therapy techniques, I've made amazing progress. My pain management doctor is very impressed. You could never go wrong in seeking guidance and assistance from Shelley.
Karen Y.

This studio space is always clean, and the instruction is superb. It is great because the teacher is also a certified PT, so I am guided very well even with prior injuries. The equipment is nice and the environment is friendly. 
Gretchen P. 

I love Sage Pilates! Shelley has done so much for my balance and strength.
​Patti M.

I love working out at Sage! I’m getting in shape and having fun while I do it.  I look and feel better than I have in years. The workouts are challenging and fun! Love this place!!

Leah P.

If you are looking for a state of the art Pilates studio with personalized attention, you should visit Sage Pilates Private Studio!  Shelley's expertise in Pilates and physical therapy gives you a bonus of both perspectives for your best exercises! The studio is sparkling clean and they are super friendly!
Brenda P.

I finally looked into Pilates on the reformer. I have a lot easier time working out on the reformer, than a mat. I suppose I will work my way up to that.  Shelley is a physical therapist and can assist with any special needs, and allow you to work out within your limitations. I like the studio and the atmosphere. It is definitely worth taking a look. You will love it!
Kathy B.

Shelley Austen's additional expertise as a licensed physical therapist gave me the confidence to start Pilates after suffering injury in another exercise facility. She is devoted to her craft and I have become stronger and more flexible without injury. Sage always makes me feel welcome and appreciated. They are patient and willing to accommodate clients.
​Marilyn C.

I went to Pilates for 15 years. The last 6 with Shelly. Then I had knee issues and stopped for an entire year. I couldn't stand how I felt and how my new 8 pounds were rocking my tummy! Lol! I have been back to Sage Pilates and Shelly for two months and ALL weight gone! I feel great again and my abs are starting to peek out! Shelly is the best!! Anyone looking for quality instruction and being challenged... this is your studio!
Ellen S.

I love Sage Pilates and Wellness. Shelley, the owner, is a caring and kind person who is also fun and makes classes fun too. She has parties and special events at the studio that I enjoy very much. She is also a highly trained teacher with expertise in physical therapy as well as Pilates. I have made a lot of progress and appreciate Shelley very much. If you're looking for a Pilates studio, I strongly recommend Sage Pilates and Wellness.
Linda F.

The classes at Sage are always fun, and extremely challenging!​
Terri H.

Sage Pilates and Wellness and the owner, Shelley are caring, compassionate, and pays close attention to personal needs. Simply awesome!
Gretchen T.

Sage Pilates is the best Pilates studio! Shelley is a master Pilates instructor who is a patient perfectionist! The studio is state of the art, and very clean! All of the classes have had fun people who are there to workout! I love it and recommend it for everyone!
Stacey P.

Reformer, stability chair, Cadillac, mat work, it is all here at Sage Pilates. If you want to look "sculpted in your swimsuit" this summer this is the "go to place"!!! Shelley, the owner and instructor, challenges me at my individual fitness level and makes it fun.
Cathy W.​

Love Shelley and her studio so nice! She was so wonderful with her explanation of terminology and how to set up the machine.
Nancy A.

What a blessing that I was referred to Shelley! Due to her expertise as a Pilates instructor and physical therapist, she is exactly what I needed. Private lessons continue to provide me with the pain relief that has given me more quality of life. She customizes my sessions based on what benefits me the most. Having had back surgery, a hip replacement, and knee surgery, Shelley is helping me to regain strength while significantly reducing my pain. I look forward to each session with Shelley!
Marsha I.

My mom and I love coming to Sage! The workouts can get you sweating, but we love letting Shelley, the owner and our instructor, whip our booties into shape! I am so glad we started coming to this amazing studio full of positive energy and fantastic people!
Jessica E.​

I have begun Pilates for my osteopenia and osteoporosis. I am going to Sage because the owner and personal trainer, Shelly, is both a master of Pilates and has been a physical therapist. She uses both skills to create a safe treatment for me. It is very customized. She took classes just for this to help us on our way to strong muscles, and strong bones.
Jean L. ​